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They really treated this guy foul. How surreal was that to have your past and present colliding at the same time? And over the years people have always contacted me wanting to know about the project…so I was very excited for them to hear that. Ray Charles would sing any music that touched people. You and DJ Quik cooked up a quiet storm classic with that one. That was one of the first songs I had an opportunity to record on Death Row Records. So just to clarify, was Quik like your main producer?

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Monday, December 6, Album Review: For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Smif-N-Wessun, they are a two-man group, much like Heltah Skeltah, consisting of rappers Tek and Steele. They are known for their both violent and laid-back lyrics and are considered by many to be one of the better hip-hop duos ever.

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On Friday, September 7th, Nicki Minaj had a shoe hurled at her head. The news media ran with the story at a breakneck speed, and the pair themselves would go on to trade words online about the altercation. This is not funny. Get this woman some f—in help. But they also have a history of turning intensely sour. Legends never die, but people do. Hip-hop is a genre built on the foundations of language. A challenger in the genre who starts beef can therefore make or break your career. The sonic blows continue until the public crowns a winner.

No matter how heated things get, emotions should never manifest themselves as an inclination to cause real-world harm. Coming together is a facet of hip-hop perhaps even more so than beef.

50 Cent – ‘We Up’ (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Kidd Kidd)

Interpretation is a critical part of life. It determines our likes, dislikes and personal preferences regarding everything from food and clothing to living environment and choice of entertainment. To better understand the concept of how people interpret sound, I interviewed famed loudspeaker and acoustics expert Dr. Floyd Toole, who has devoted his entire career to acoustical and psychoacoustical research for the National Research Council of Canada and Harman International. How We Interpret Sound For some people, great sound is considered to be whatever is popular in current culture.

That might be rumbling bass and just enough treble to hear the melody or it could mean an engrossing listening experience that envelops like a blanket on a cold day.

It appeared the two had moved on — until Thursday night, when Kendall showed up at Ben’s game at Wells Fargo Center. Witnesses say Kendall had a private suite and tons of security.

And boy, does she know it. Her accent is thick Bonnie and Clyde Texas. The Stones concert here is going to be the end or an era. Things are dead now. They think—ah ha, a groupie, a camp follower. And I always have a lot of young girls ant drinks around for them. She came to the West Coast and been following groups here.

Master P Unveils “I Got The Hook-Up 2” Trailer Starring DC Young Fly

Shit, that had me revved up, I mean I was wilding out so much I even busted on some young sucker in the lobby after the fight, I swung three jabs at him and he went down like a sack of potatoes. But I must admit, the future was looking rosy again. I was only 25years old but I had become an epitome of success in the Black community and America. I was getting the show started before we even got to Club , but before we got any further we were being pulled over.

November 6, November 6, uncuthiphop Leave a comment The 23 November, Rotterdam will be the theatre for the official European Dancehall king competition. 10 Dancehall warriors from 10 countries will battle for the crown at Club Eclipse.

They started recording their first material in Shinobi played the background hella supporting tho.. I met Gennessee through a mutual friend, Dj Wisdom back then he was Dj Winnie B one day and we were pretty much inseparable for years to come.. L taught me the ropes of starting our own labels and releasing our own music, performing, booking etc We handled all day to day operations, manufacturing, distribution Back in the day the bay was flooded with upstart everything: Djs, rappers, engineers, promoters, etc I figured the best Dj should mess with the best emcee he and I worked together on my first solo album, Imaginarium ” Gennessee: Paul Nice, who mentored me and taught me how to make beats, introduced me to Animation.

Gennessee was tight with L and they would kick it and rhyme a lot. Gen was a monster at freestyling.

Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre & Suge Knight Are Being Sued For “Ain’t No Fun” 20 Years Later

Compliments of the season to all music industry professionals and fans. It’s indeed a great season and many things are happening. Yes, after a long break from writing and i am back but this time, i will love to dish out quick advice to as many independent artists,producers and professionals who will be fortunate to read this article.

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Mannie and the angels 2 Likes Re: Wake up in the morning listen to koko iwe ninu iroyin on bond f. Immediately after tune it to newspaper reviews on classic f. Then to political platform on raypower fm. Straight to my fav station to catch the last part of morning crossfire on nigeria info fm. After that back to classic fm for rock monday. By 12 pm back to nigerian info to catch diplomatic info. Till the ali baba crew roll their shows off. On tuesdays and thursdays evening hook up with rock city on metro f.

Hiphop classic on classic fm on saturday morning. Discuss with jimi disu on sunday afternoon then to the palour discuss on radio continental.

Barbara Cope, The Butter Queen

And if you ever disrespect the Bust or Meth find their mentor Yeah, I-I-I think the streets been lookin’ for this one for a long time Yeah, aiyo Come on! I came to bring the pain, more hard to the brain Tical I’m bustin’ that ass again I burn like acid rain, that acid slang These niggaz try’nna see how I come ash again Main and evident, I’m huntin’, yes, Meth for president Be in hell with Dazel and George just for the hell of it And I ain’t yellow kid, flows hot as kettle get Now if you ain’t fuckin’ with that, you must be celibate Spaz!

Musikmesse Gemini Rethinks Its GMX DJ Controller, Adds CD Version. Phil Morse April 10 but I have a lot of desire to get away from the PC, or even hook up my turntables if needed. I don’t really care for pads either. I realize that hiphop and the like gets a .

The Birth of Hip Hop Architecture at the Center for Architecture photo by Erik Bardin Decades after its inception in the playgrounds and block parties of the Bronx, hip-hop has influenced countless corners of American culture including music, visual art, dance, and fashion. As he explained in a phone interview with Hyperallergic: The exhibition brings together 21 architects, artists, academics, and architecture students from all over the world who explore what hip-hop architecture looks like and what it can do for both the people who create it and the communities it exists in.

The works on display: Installation view of Close to The Edge: The Birth of Hip Hop Architecture at the Center for Architecture photo by Erik Bardin That spirit is one of constant reinvention, adaptation, and making something out of nothing. The remix begins with the gallery walls. It alters the facade of a beige brick housing project to make it three dimensional, with walls and windows projected at multiple angles.

The angles are created by laying bricks in diamond shapes across the middle of the building. The 3D effect adds movement and visual interest to an otherwise bland exterior, but also cuts off some of the windows, making it too dark to live in though interesting to look at. These works include designs for non-profit organizations and public spaces in traditionally Black, Latino, and low-income neighborhoods that are facing gentrification. The project includes curbside seating and picnic tables, even a plan for a park space that looks like a sunken living room or conversation pit as some design magazines call them.

Hook up!! HIP HOP- JUDGE DEMO_2016.7.15