Thoughts on the “hook-up culture,” or what I learned from my high school diary

My legs are spread. My boyfriend is crouched on the cold tile in front of me, holding a can of vanilla-scented shaving cream and a cheap pink razor. So, how did we get here? When I was young, I felt strongly that only women who were brainwashed by the patriarchy shaved their ladybits. As a teenager, my body hair was a clear demarcation of self-determination. I was hurting to rebel and I knew that I could make a statement with my hair. I had tried shaving my legs and armpits for a while in middle school after being tormented about it by girls in gym class. By the time I was sixteen, I gave up any beauty ritual that bored me.

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Thoughts on the “hook-up culture,” or what I learned from my high school diary Thoughts on the “hook-up culture,” or what I learned from my high school diary Crossposted at Girldrive Debates about “hooking up,” swinging from genuine concern to hysteria on both sides of political spectrum, have been raging throughout the s. I’ve spent the day reading ruminations by teen girl expert and Teen Vogue advice columnist Rachel Simmons , the always-thought provoking Kate Harding of Broadsheet, and Amanda Marcotte, who gives us a searing and passionate rebuff of any sort of nostalgia we might have about dating rules and traditions.

This rips open a wound for me–I spent most of contemplating this issue. But I’m gonna weigh in afresh now that I’ve just celebrated 2 years with my healthiest, post-high-school, Completely Committed Relationship technically marriage, but that’s another story –the sex-and-love “holy grail,” according to the many women’s and teen magazines Kate lists in her Salon piece. Before, it was my “sorta” this or my “fuck buddy” that or my “I wish I knew what he was thinking” friend-with-benefits. And I gotta say, no matter how much I railed against Laura Sessions Stepp and Dawn Eden and Miriam Grossman and all the other rightwing, anti-feminist cautionary matrons , the facts remained:

Hookups in the past were all about dating, love, relationship, soulmates, and so forth. In current times, a new trend has emerged involving casual sex, one night stands without the need of having any emotional strings or love attached, giving us the hookup culture.

Gossip Girl season 1 The first season’s main focus is Serena van der Woodsen ‘s sudden return to the Upper East Side following her mysterious disappearance. Everyone is extremely shocked at her sudden return after first sightings of her spread across the web, when she is spotted at Grand Central station including her best friend, Blair Waldorf. It turns out Serena returns from Boarding School to see her suicidal brother, Eric. Blair soon finds out that Serena had slept with her boyfriend, Nate Archibald, the night of her disappearance.

The two try to salvage what’s left of their relationship, only leaving Blair to lose her virginity to Nate’s best friend, Chuck Bass, instead. Jenny Humphrey constantly tries to make it in this upscale world by following around Blair and her friends. Rufus Humphrey, her father, worries that Jenny may be losing herself as she strives for popularity. Vanessa Abrams, Dan’s best friend, returns. We find out that Dan had confessed his love for Vanessa in the past, but the two move beyond this as friends, considering Dan is now with Serena.

It is discovered that Lilly van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey have a romantic past, yet both struggle with other relationships. The two decide to see other people in light of their children’s romance. Blair and Nate eventually break up, after finally having sex, despite her affair with Chuck. Nate finds out about the affair and he and Chuck stop associating with one another. Throughout the season, Chuck tries to seduce Blair and the two somewhat come to terms with their feelings for each other.

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Share this article Share The Whitby Goth Weekend is currently in its 19th year and is one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the world. Since being launched in , the event has become so popular it is held twice a year. Festival founder Jo Hampshire said the town is ‘the heart’ of the event. Tara Price shows off her nose, lip, cheek and eyebrow studs Eye-catching: The festival celebrates Goth culture including the music and fashion styles that grew from Punk Bleak scenery:

American Hookup situates hookup culture within the history of sexuality, the evolution of higher education, and the unfinished feminist revolution. With new research, Wade maps out a punishing emotional landscape marked by unequal pleasures, competition for status, and sexual violence.

Allow Me To Vent: This was a black salon in Brooklyn, a black salon in America? Two visits later it turns out the gem salon was indeed a dud. After two uneventful but very professional-like visits, things started to go south. My girlfriend being very much like myself, never went back and is once again on the search for a new salon and once again my dream of finding a salon that fit my sensibility was gone. In the perfect world I would go into the salon, get my hair done, pay and get out within an hour or two.

Why does it have to be like this when it comes to hair, especially black hair?

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It was easy to miss. In several thousand words, the term appeared only one time. And no one could be blamed if the phrase that author Alex Morris chose in its stead caused even more confusion: Novel terminology aside, it was the same old story about nontraditional relationships.

Lisa Wade: Love & the American Hookup Culture, The Humanist Hub, 30 JFK Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge, United States. Sun Feb 12 at pm, Join us for a conversation with Lisa Wade, about her new book American Hookup: The New Culture of .

Print Article AA Hair — it’s everywhere, literally. The concept of hair is almost vital to the music community nowadays. Whether it’s that one Disney heartthrob’s primped-to-perfection side-swoop or Steven Tyler’s cornucopia of bird feathers, an iconic hairstyle can cement one’s place in pop culture. In music especially, wild hairstyles signify the rights of expression that our favorite artists are expected to maintain and are applauded for.

The way an artist cuts his or her hair, like Miley Cyrus circa , or doesn’t cut his hair, like the Beatles in the mid-’60s, can shake up pop culture in a way unlike anything else. And it doesn’t stop at the artists. Just take a look around Coachella. In fact, it seems like along with a ticket, the flower crown is a prerequisite for girls on the way to their very first music festival in

Lisa Wade: Love & the American Hookup Culture

Add to basket Add to wishlist Description The hookup is now part of college life. Yet the drunken encounter we always hear about tells only a fraction of the story. Rising above misinformation and moralizing, Lisa Wade offers the definitive account of this new sexual culture and demonstrates that the truth is both more heartening and more harrowing than we thought.

She examines the ways in which porn and all its sexual myths have seeped into young people’s lives; what it means to be the “the perfect slut” and why many girls scorn virginity; the complicated terrain of hookup culture and the unfortunate realities surrounding assault.

Usually in these days, media outlets queue up the glurge — the sappy stories, the tearjerker videos, and the essays about finding meaning in a season defined by religion and its observance. Everyone likes to tap into the happy memories and high ideals of the Christmas season. For some reason, Salon chose this week to offer two dyspeptic and nonsensical takes on religion, the most outrageous of which argues that one has to support rape in order to be Christian. God raped the Virgin Mary, so they argue, apparently without one single clue as to what the Annunciation actually was or what it means in Christian belief, as well as most other religions: Though the earliest Christians had a competing story , in the Gospel of Luke, the Virgin Mary gets pregnant when the spirit of the Lord comes upon her and the power of the Most High overshadows her.

The story may come from an Eastern or Western religious tradition, pagan or Christian. But these encounters between beautiful young women and gods have one thing in common. None of them has freely given female consent as a part of the narrative. That is how the stories play out. Talk about missing the point. It is the women, and John the Evangelist, who see Jesus all the way through the Passion as the other disciples scatter, and it is the women who first recognize the risen Christ on the Sunday following it.

Is the hype around hookup culture overblown?

And this week, it’s seemed to bubble up to the surface again. Before, it was my “sorta” this or my “fuck buddy” that or my “I wish I knew what he was thinking” friend-with-benefits. I knew how it felt to agonize over a text message.

Apr 11,  · That’s why it fits in an article that also deals with teenage promiscuity statistics and typical head-scratching over the vagaries of “hookup culture.” I understand: Sex sells. Youth sells.

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Allow Me To Vent: Why I Can’t Take The Black Salon Culture

Dec 5, Getty ImagesGetty Images Most people who know what I do for a living would expect my closet to be stocked with sexy getups—a naughty nurse costume, a frilly maid’s uniform, a too-tight secretary outfit, you name it. I seem on the surface to be the sort of woman who would be an expert at role-playing, that sexy game where a couple take on new identities to fulfill a naughty fantasy. After all, I write about sex for a living, and I’ve covered everything from “hookup culture” to pornography.

Hookup Culture. 88 likes. We write sad songs about girls and staying up too late.

Here’s one less thing to worry about: Which is to say, the notion of a burgeoning “hookup culture” might have been overblown all along. A new study published by the American Sociological Association suggests that 18 to year-olds are not any more sexually active than previous generations. Story continues below advertisement “We found that college students from the contemporary or ‘hookup era’ did not report having more frequent sex or more sexual partners during the past year or more sexual partners since turning 18 than undergraduates from the earlier era,” said the study’s Martin Monto, a sociology professor at the University of Portland.

Monto and co-author Anna Carey compared 1, responses from the General Social Survey, a nationally representative sample, from and again between and Over the first eight-year span, Compare that with a Monto did, however, note that the general inclination towards delaying marriage has affected the way students treat relationships. In fact, we found that, overall, sexual behaviour among college students has remained fairly consistent over the past 25 years.

Still, other research has found evidence that a hookup culture does exist, so there’s also a chance that young people aren’t sharing the full picture.

How I Found Empowerment In Letting A Man Shave My Pubic Hair

Anny Aurora and Rosalyn Sphinx work the runway modelling their designer looks. But the stage is too small for these two divas. When Rosalyn accidentally bumps into Salon hookup culture, tempers flare. The girls attempt to sabotage each other until they get into a catfight on the catwalk. R That is, except for the easy-on-the-eyes caretaker, Mick Blue.

The salon’s signature procedure is the “completely bare,” removing all hair from the top of the bikini line, down the labia, and up the “inner buttock.” But particularly in the last three months, Kaulesar says, the natural pubis has been trending.

Redux One of our good commenters commentators? I say this given that I spent 4 years on that campus. And that career-focused, over-achieving girl? Been there done that. I was surprised by men who said the same sorts of things the women did. However, what was distinct about the men was they felt they could never, ever say that out loud, whereas women felt they could complain about it in public. Men felt they would risk their masculinity in doing so.

Participating in hookup culture is far more about proving yourself on campus to other men than about having sex. Today, we have this perception that sexual choice is limitless. We can be with whomever we want, however we want.

How Hookup Culture Hurts Women