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I’m blown away by the level of support from fellow rail enthusiasts in building this site. Their willingness to participate in its construction with no prospect of financial gain, just the satisfaction of being involved, is bloody marvellous. Starting in May , Derek’s input has been a massive undertaking and there have been times when the pair of us – just two bungling old geezers with a mutual love for trains and railways – were on our arthritic knees by the sheer size of it all. And now here we are with three finished pages…or are they? The interest shown by modellers has spurred Derek to suggest a series of articles on the ‘Britannias’ that will be of particular interest to model makers Since taking early retirement, Derek’s knowledge of all things power-driven led him to making a start on correcting the many anomalies he found in books and magazines regarding the BR Class 7MT Britannias.

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Get Swansea updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email THIS is the Welsh town that has become such a draw for immigrant Poles that it has been nicknamed Llane-ski. Llanelli’s population of 40, has been bolstered by an influx of at least 2, Polish immigrants, and thousands more in the surrounding Gwendraeth Valley.

Radio Five Live hosted a special programme which examined how Llanelli has reacted to Polish immigrants in recent years. Some estimates put the number of Poles living in the wider Gwendraeth Valley area at around 8, Llanelli has a Polish delicatessen selling tripe soup and other East European food. And local pubs have started stocking Tyskie lager alongside more traditional Felinfoel ales.

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I have always considered myself a reasonably easy going person and had no problem chatting away to Polish nationals obviously due to my lack of Polish they had to speak English to some degree for a conversation to occur and with some that I had close contact with have indulged in many an interesting chat and indeed a great laugh. Unfortunately this had blighted my chats with several Polish nationals that I enjoyed talking with as I considered it just bad manners, despite my attempts to describe that I thought it was rude behaviour to the people I was talking to they seemed to either not understand my explanation or chose not to.

The enviroment I work in is quite clearly segregated and there is a lot of animosity towards the migrant workers, something I have attempted to steer clear off but when telling British people about the interupting episodes I was told “well what do you expect from the likes of them” this is not the way I want to be but maybe our different manner rules will be a problem in some instances.

There is also a lot of dislike towards the British from Polish so it’s not just a one way thing. I also work with several openly gay people and there is clearly a problem with Polish people not accepting their lifestyle and making it obvious with snide remarks, something that unfortuntely again has not endeared Polish to British, is it considered “ok” for Polish to have unfavourable views about homosexuality or it is just a personal view as it can be with any nationality any feedback would be gratefully received, thanks.

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The classic Kiwi tin design a I began a dialogue with someone a few weeks ago about a rather odd looking version of a classic Kiwi shoe polish tin. The Evening Post,2 November, Unusual version of the classic tin, which probably was the result of paint and ink rationing during the Second World War.

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Crossing the Irish Sea by the ‘Short Sea route’. One of the shortest crossings between Mainland Britain and Ireland is that between Portpatrick and Donaghadee. This is about 22 miles and the settlement of Scots in Ulster created traffic. The main traffic was not mail, but cattle on the hoof. John Smeaton improved the harbour at Portpatrick. In John Rennie senior was commissioned to examine improvements to the last-named.

Crewe Hall Hotel (Crewe)

Nightlife Football Like everywhere in Europe, the beautiful game is extremely popular and played to a high level all over Poland, making it the perfect place for a tour fixture or two. Home Football Football is the most popular sport in Poland and has a long tradition, dating as early as the beginning of the 20th century, with the first professional clubs being formed in It is played widely in Poland with a number of amateur teams playing locally, through to the two professional leagues Ekstraklasa and Liga I.

The Next Step (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Shopkeeper Pawel Suder has brought a taste of his homeland to North Staffordshire — with the opening of a traditional Polish bistro. The year-old, who owns the Yoggi Polish store in Queens Court, Newcastle , has decided to follow his dream of cooking and serving Polish cuisine.

Now the Rzeszow native has opened The Dumpling Factory, next door to his store, which offers several varieties of the delicacy among other dishes. Pawel, who lives in Cliffe Vale, felt there was a lack of places in the region where people could enjoy the food of his home country. Pawel Suder He said: For me it is very important to be able to offer traditional Polish food to people, especially now with Brexit. Before if people wanted to eat Polish food, they had to go all the way to Poland, now they can enjoy it right here.

I love seeing them enjoy the food and I enjoy serving them. Read More “Around three or four years ago, I wanted to open a big Polish restaurant in Crewe, but it was a big investment so I looked at opening something smaller and easier for me to run. The traditional Polish dumplings “The previous owner here needed to close down so I thought it would be a good opportunity.


Destination England, where Garnett recognises him and details Jimmy to tail him. He meets Miss Kelly a teacher Jane Hylton , and Jimmy overhears plans for a robbery, the prize, a million! He joins the gang. In a Rolls, they drive to the airport dressed as pilots and board a Pan Am plane. Jimmy attempts to prevent it, but is knocked out.

Sympatia: Randki: Polacy w UK. Serwis powstał w roku i obecnie jest największym serwisem randkowym skierowanym do Polaków mieszkających w Wielkiej Brytanii. Jednak nie oznacza to, że postanowiliśmy poprzestać na obecnym rozwoju serwisu. od początku swojego istnienia zmienił się radykalnie i ciągle się zmienia.

Blog home Every prisoner of war camp in the UK mapped and listed There were hundreds of prisoner of war camps in the UK during the second world war. German PoWs somewhere in England bring in the harvest. That’s what occurred between and , when thousands of Germans, Ukranians and others became Britain’s prisoners of war, according to a new book. At one time hundreds of them were spread across the UK.

Click here for the fullscreen version Author Sophie Jackson has written a book, Churchill’s Unexpected Guests, examining this overlooked period of Britain’s history , looking at what happened to every camp from the period. Few official lists of camps or prisoners remain from that time and most camps were temporary and pulled down after the war.

Some have subsequently been built on. Most modern camp lists are based on archaeological work — ironic when the camps existed a mere 60 years ago. English Heritage has worked hard to find the locations of camps, but even so many are still undiscovered. Records from the time give an insight into camp life and sometimes reveal the name of a camp, but often the documents didn’t reveal the actual address, and prisoners were not allowed to write their camp address on any letters they sent home.

Despite the difficulties a great number of camps have been identified, including the few listed here. Some were more famous than others, such as Island Farm Camp, Bridgend from which an audacious escape attempt was made by German prisoners. Over the coming years no doubt more camps will be added to this list as they are discovered, but many will remain forgotten forever, the last traces of their Nazi occupants long lost.

The English Heritage research referred to by Sophie was conducted by Roger Thomas and published in

How to get from Crewe to Ross-on-Wye (Station) by train, bus or car

Buyers’ Guides Jun 22, Is all-independent suspension and torquey turbodiesel engine enough to make the Shogun a worthy player in the modern premium SUV arena? That may seem like a bit of a comedown for a vehicle selling itself as a luxury estate — but could it be the exact opposite, a congratulatory recognition that the Shogun is one of the very few that have stuck to the original crossover concept, that heady blend of hard-core off-roader and luxury limousine that was kicked off by the Range Rover in ?

Most of the other premium players in this arena have long ago shrugged off any pretence of being off-roaders adopting instead a whole range of technological advances aimed at enhancing their highway performance, refinement and gimmick-led convenience features, vehicles that pay lip service to their mud-plugging origins while pandering to the passion for fashion of the rich and the famous.

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The Very Beginnings For this particular page of railway memories, the story truly starts at the beginning, which in this case is at Walton hospital in June when our storyteller, Mal came into the world. Seven days later, whilst Mal was at the hospital he was joined in the nursery by no less than the recently delivered Paul McCartney. Mal along with many others was born into troubled times.

World War Two was raging, with the Liverpool area regularly a target for Goering’s Luftwaffe bombers due to the importance of its docks, warehouses and industry. Then in his father’s house in Liverpool had been destroyed in an air raid. I enjoyed going round all the shipping offices in Liverpool and also remember seeing the overhead railway being taken down. Memories include the last trams at the pier head, the last big liners coming into Liverpool, exploring the ruins of Custom House, what a building that must have been in its heyday before the war.

And then there was the music, I heard the first single from Buddy Holly and the Crickets and became a fan. Another young guy in the office was also a fan so when the band played in Liverpool on March 20th , we booked immediately for the first show. The performance was great, there were many American serviceman present from the nearby American Burtonwood base. When after 18 months they wanted me to stay in the office and learn to be a clerk, I refused so they fired me!

Welcome to Bank Hall New employment came in with British Railways, starting at Bank Hall, shed code 27A, as an engine cleaner – what a relief this was. The entrance to the depot was off Stanley Road facing the old Royal pub, I was just 18 years old, cleaning steam locos, enjoying great company and had a good laugh.

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Bob Casselden looks at the transformation of B. Reduced to three carriages and driving van trailer, after two carriages were damaged in an incident involving some corrugated sheet blown on to the track, on 27 December see last issue , the Picture by Peter Lloyd.

Inverted Moulds created by Kerry O’Connor from Sunseekers in Crewe, using our SKY BLUE and JET BLACK acrylic nail art powders: Available from

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