What does driving an El Camino feel like? I’m thinking about getting an early to mid 70’s one. I’m wondering how they drive though. If its like a muscle car I’d be happy, but if its more like a truck I’d want to steer clear of that. How to get this girl’s number? I’m a homework area at my university sitting across from this girl. She’s working really hard and I have been for the most part too.

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Subdivided into “Watsonians” and “Doylists” , depending on whether they maintain the affectation that the characters and stories are real or not. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy fans call each other “hoopy froods,” from the in-universe term for someone who always knows where his towel is , and is therefore a really together i. Horatio Hornblower fans have no overall nickname, but fans of Archie Kennedy call themselves “Crumpeteers,” based on the Fan Nickname for him.

Lemmings of Discord Sword of Truth Hatedom , coined in one of the more creative insults they’ve received. Phans The Phantom of the Opera Honor Harrington has the convention-related nickname of “Berets” for the distinctive headgear worn by members of the fan club. Harry Potter has Potterheads. Also known as Potterites. Pottheads, for a more pejorative term. Non-fans are known as Muggles or ” Mudbloods “. Another common name is Dumbledore’s Army or the D.

It’s also quite common for fans to declare allegiance to Hogwarts houses, referring to themselves by the name of the House whose values they believe that they embody most.

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Saturday, June 30, Putting the “Party” in Adventuring Party How to Mix and Mingle Your player characters have to attend a party or other large social function full of many dozens? They are there to learn things, meet contacts, influence people, or otherwise do something related to their current goals or missions. I have found this scenario to be one of the most difficult roleplaying situations to run.

Most recently it occurred in my Silent Legions modern-Lovecraftian-horror campaign. They also wanted to learn more about the evil cult that may or may not have had some influence over some of the high-society party-goers. In the past, I would describe the party location, then basically go through a list of all the most interesting or well-known people the PCs see.

The best advice that I can give is for you to audition them yourselves or at least use YouTube comparisons to get an idea of the sounds that best fit your needs before making a final decision. It is not a surprise that the top names in microphones dating back to early and mid 20th Century are often Austrian or German. Al Green, Steve.

April 7th — 9th: August 24th — 28th: Tezz Yancey joining Adam Green. October 13th — 15th: A second midnight screening has been added as the 9: November 1st — 5th: Please read all descriptions thoroughly.

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It’s a simple story of a group of teens working at a record store, but there is so much more to it than that. They are dealing with a lot of real issues that actual teens experience, and the movie handles them in pretty honest ways. The general story line is that they have to save their independent record store from getting taken over by a big chain, but it’s also about friendship and the struggles of teen life.

The movie may have been a flop in the theaters, but it found its audience in later years. Even though it didn’t so well at the time, 20 years later we are still talking about it, so obviously it’s got to be worth it!

This story line is long overdue also. So Aggravating. Can Lungile know the truth already and we move on. Seng’khathele kakhulu. Yesses!

Dave is surprisingly easier to talk to and much more laid back than Oderus and he probably smells considerably better. Read on… Legendary Rock Interviews: How did you get involved with that? It was pretty amazing to be involved in. Adam Green is the director and creator of the series, along with Joe Lynch. Adam, I feel so bad for him, he was so pathetic as a child. He was smart enough to cast you as his imaginary friend on the show though.

Yeah and at least it was a GWAR song. I gotta give him credit for that. I hear ideas like that all the time but the difference was this was coming from Kelli as well and she knows her shit and is someone I respect and trust a lot. He came back later with a guy named Peter Block who was the president of Fear net and that was when I could really tell that something was definitely happening. A few months after that I got my first draft of the script.

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s badass

Eric Crowley Eric is a self-employed artist who writes about modern culture. You can follow him on twitter. Her husband went home, and the following conversation transpired:

Dave Brockie, front man of heavy metal band GWAR, was found dead in his home in Richmond, Virginia, on Sunday.

Dec 16, Savage Love: How to play out rape fantasy? We have been dating for three years and are in a happy monogamous relationship. I was always vanilla, but she enjoys rougher sex and light bondage. She has expressed interest in a rape fantasy. Both of us want to be safe when we do this, and we trust each other completely.

Talk things through in advance, just like you have before, agree on a safe word — a word that stops the action cold should either of you utter it — and take it slow the first few times you go for it. The idea of a cheating woman is really hot in spite of all of that. Is it possible to have a fetish you hate?

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The Swine-Flu Club College students infected with the notorious H1N1 virus are being quarantined on campuses all over the country until their symptoms subside.

Earlier in the day, we were sitting in a dingy law office, signing a towering stack of legal documents, before handing over a very, very big check. I felt a little dizzy when the lawyer gave us the keys. We were the proud owners of a square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. How the hell did we get here? Advertisement Well, PBR had something to do with it. And, peanut butter sandwiches. Frugal may be one of the least sexy words in the English language, but there are some benefits of being penny pinchers another ugly phrase.

It was enough to snag a piece of the American dream — in New York City, no less. And, trust me when I say that dream does not come cheap in the big city. Compound the expenses of living in New York with the fact that Ken and I work in creative fields — industries not known for paying six-figure salaries — and saving money gets even tougher. When we bought our apartment, I was an associate editor at a book packager.

Ken worked for an educational publisher and spent much of his down time growing his freelance writing career. We managed to save by cutting corners:

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Over the past 30 years, the thrash metal band and its frontman pulverized its audiences with bodily fluids, political fury, and one of the most elaborate stage setups in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his home in Richmond, VA. Richmond authorities have confirmed his death and next of kin has been notified.

A full autopsy will be performed. He was 50 years old, born August 30, He was surprisingly serious with his answers, but always threw in lines like, “If she says she’s not into the relationship part — a spear through the mouth.

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Donovan Sharpe Donovan is a sexist son of a bitch who objectifies women by keeping them on their toes, their backs, and their knees where they belong. Live with Donovan Sharpe. You can follow him on Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram. Let me get right to the point: American women are good for one thing and one thing only: Men are better than women at just about everything and no amount of social reconditioning or media brainwashing is going to change that.

Couples boudoir? Yes it’s a Thing, and it’s badass

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I have a laundry list of excuses. All the daytime gigs I wanted to see had lines down the street and around the block by the time I got there. I had access to a cute girl with a car who wanted to take me to see The Runaways movie. This is not to say I abandoned my responsibilities to you. For every hour I spent in Austin, I had a full schedule loaded with at least three options for every hour, and determined which shows I actually would attend with mathematical precision.

I had spent many hours researching and whittling down this schedule, and thus I am ready now to present to you all the bands I would have seen, had I been physically and mentally prepared to do so. Although they are both young Swedish singers with rather sweet singing voices, I was incorrect. Both of these bands have male lead singers and female musicians, which is a plus.

Gwar – Oderus Urungus makes the babysitter