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For you NYers, does anything go on at the Equinox on 53rd? Sometimes it’s frustrating though when you get a troll that lingers. In those situations, the troll likely got lucky one day, years ago, and is still trying his luck Maybe sometimes some furtive glances but that’s it. To be honest, it’s more fun that way. I saw a gay friend of mine there last Saturday afternoon whom I hadn’t seen since the new year and I went instinctively went to kiss him on the cheek, as we would any other time in the morning during the week, and not only recoiled from me but he threw me a “What are you thinking, freak !? Thought he was acting like an idiot and I said, loudly, “WHO are you afraid of here? Same gym, different time. First, the 13th Street location is an old man’s sexual nirvana.

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Rate based upon a monthly stay in an ownership park. Local realtor rents out sites owners are not using. Large concrete sites with manicured lawns and trees. Everything is pristine, many activities, friendly staff and residents. I would return anytime and while I have rated it highly there were a couple of things that annoyed me.

View detailed information and reviews for Livingston Rd in Naples, Florida and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way.

I thought I had seen just about everything in porn videos, but this one was something else. The video was obviously amateur and home-made, so I’m almost positive I wasn’t seeing camera tricks or a female being paid to pretend she was enjoying this. In the video, this female was on her back with her vagina spead very wide, and her cervix was clearly visible.

She was actually inserting and plunging a small diameter but long vibrator into her cervix and upwards into her uterus a good inches. This was odd and kinky enough, but the strangest part is she actually appreared to become extremely aroused during the act, and clearly had a pretty intese orgasm during this penetration. This was made even more real looking by seeing her cervix contracting and shuddering with orgasmic waves. Then, after removing the toy, a very long penis went inside her.

The view of her cervix was blocked by the penis, but judging by the previous part of the video and the close proximity of her cervix to the outside, this guy was actually penetrating her uterus with his penis, and acutally ejaculated into it, When he pulled out of her, the semen was pouring out of her cervix, and it was distended and stretched wide.

Could this possiby have been real? And with the comments I got in replies to my questions regarding sex and the cervix, it would seem as though this type of act would have been quite painful for the woman instead of an orgasmic experience. It didn’t look erotic to me, instead it was so bizarre to see I had to finish watching the video just to try to wrap my mind around what I was seeing.

I know it takes all kinds, but this one just blew me away Strangest and most kinky fetish-type thing I have ever seen.

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Start an Offer This palatial estate on an acre of pristine land in Anaheim Hills blends rustic Mediterranean design with refined elegance. The stunning property features sweeping views of the city lights and hills all around. The home is luxurious and accommodating, using only the finest materials and construction in this extraordinarily well built and beautifully appointed home.

Hand crafted wood built-ins, tumbled travertine, wood and stone flooring, light fixtures and finishes run throughout.

“For some reason, anytime I have sex, my dog tries to crawl under the door. It’s very aggressive and if you let him in he just wants to jump on the bed.” It’s very aggressive and if you.

Comments Off You were up late last night flipping through the channels and saw the infomercial about the Bowflex Treadclimber. The great thing about that is you are now inspired to make a life change and get into shape. The problem is, nobody has the Treadclimber on display for you to try before you buy. Is that by design? The Treadclimber is only sold through the tv and online advertisements. It is an impulse decision based on their infomercial, and by the time you have unpacked it, lugged it up your stairs, put it together and used it, there is no way you will pack it back into the original packaging and pay the freight to send it back.

Hence, the reason you see so many of them on Craigs List. The reality is that they are comparing to a treadmill at zero elevation. If you use a regular treadmill at a similar level of elevation to the treadclimber, you will burn the same amount of calories.

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Stroll through arched casemates and stand overlooking the Rigolets as sentries once did, enjoy living history programs, visit the museum or picnic at the pavilion. A nearby boat ramp offers access to the park and Lake Pontchartrain. Town of Mandeville– I to US north of New Orleans, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain –Take the longest bridge over water in the world to scenic byways, swamp tours, antiques, shopping, festivals and trails.

Town of Madisonville– LA 22 northwest of US on north shore of Lake Pontchartrain –Nostalgic river town of Tchefuncte River with great restaurants, antiques, boating and specialty shops. A short drive from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Bernard State Park– 18 miles southeast of New Orleans at Poydras –Located on the Mississippi River, just minutes from New Orleans, the park features 51 improved campsites, a covered pavilion with grill, picnic tables, playground, swimming pool and nature trail in a tranquil and quiet setting.

The grey wire is some sort of low (or lower) voltage control. On the terminal strip next to the transformer, 6 is is common, 7 is transformer voltage, 8 is the control relays (there seems to be two, one next to the fan in the picture).

She shared this perspective in a youtube video which I previously embedded here. Since then she has reviewed the data on this at the urging of some of her readers, and has changed her opinion on the question. She describes her thought process here , but her conclusion is that: She clarified this in a comment defending her position a bit further down: This question of semantics is critical. This sparked a heated debate with a number of my readers.

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Richard Byrne September 28, at Just getting rid of three bags of clothing and shoes made it feel like it we had simplified things already. Lakita September 28, at 1: I probably more than items in my living room! How long do I really need to hold onto old trophies? If your interest is in mobility, then you should do this by weight and volume, not count.

We’re more than a gym. We’re a premier health club with the best programs and services for your healthy life.

Aug 6, Searching for Beefcake in the 10 Worst Suburbs of Minneapolis Minneapolis is my second-least favorite city in the United States my first is Houston, for obvious reasons. It’s cold, cramped, surprisingly run-down, and everything is frightfully expensive. Plus the traffic is awful. Whoever heard of driving all the way through downtown to get to the airport?

Plus it goes on forever. Cloud to Redwing, a distance of miles, crammed with tiny towns and suburbs that locals expect you to be intimately familiar with. And you know what they say about Ardens Hills boys! The high school offers swimming, wrestling, track, and powerlifting the Shakopee player is the one on the ground. Edina, which sounds like the name of a sea urchin. An old sundown town it was illegal for black people to live there, or to be on the streets after sundown.

It does have a Crossfit. Minneapolis has the habit of naming its suburbs after existing places, in this case Orono, Maine. Wayzata Next door to Orono, more mansions, more country clubs per capita than any other town in the U. Its unusual name makes it popular with Hollywood writers who want “standard Midwest,” not realizing that it’s the Beverly Hills of Minneapolis.

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United States Lifetime Fitness appears to be the place where gay men congregate late at night due to the hour schedule. If you have noticed little slits cut in the shower curtains, this is happening at LTF clubs all over the U. Apparently they are using these as “peep holes” so they can make eye contact with each other so they can then go do their thing in the steam rooms late at night.

Frankly, this is absolutely disgusting behavior and apparently Lifetime Fitness is aware of this but doing nothing about it. Basically, they have become a “gay friendly” club, when they should be stopping this activity in a club that is supposed to be “family friendly”.

Bisexual Hookups, Brockton Dating for bisexual, bi-curious singles and bi couples. Can’t wait to have a few drinks and get things started. There’s a planet fitness and anytime fitness now in WF. View photo Send message. Girls looking for girls in Brockton looking for a girl.

About a week later [redacted] and [redacted] came in to get a free session provided by a personal trainer. They were trying to get pregnant and their doctor was During this transaction the club gave them a price discount similar to what it does for buddy training even though they did not qualify due to them each wanting separate trainers.

During this meeting we recommended a diet bundle to help cleanse and re-set the metabolism of the wife because she was especially having a tough time. We first recommended an Advocare 24 day challenge due to it being green labeled certified, but it was beyond their price point. The second option was a Fit Miss bundle that they ended up purchasing.

The product line not included in the package included an energy-type product that they claimed they thought was in the package. It was not and was never sold to them that it was.

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A selection of students, bikini models, fashion models, fitness instructors and even some actresses on their books. Windy City Girls are young, beautiful and ready to keep you entertained. They promise quick arrival times — within the hour for Downtown Chicago and the major metro areas. The ladies may still be able to travel to the outer suburbs but this is likely to incur extra travel fees.

That’s why at Planet Fitness Woodbridge, VA we take care to make sure our club is clean and welcoming, our staff is friendly, and our certified trainers are ready to help. Whether you’re a first-time gym user or a fitness veteran, you’ll always have a home in our Judgement Free Zone™.

Introducing the world’s most advanced exercise bike. Watch the Full Video One bike. Three amazing ways to work out. From snowy mountains to seasides, to outer space. This is as close as it gets to the real thing. Cat Kom and her elite group of expert trainers are here to motivate you with fresh classes every week. Heads State of the art handlebars turn left and right, driving your workout experience and making every ride unique. Viva la Resistance The breakthrough magnetic resistance drive simulates the terrain with precise accuracy and feels so real you’ll forget you’re inside altogether.

There’s just nothing else like it! I would recommend it to anyone. The Expresso Bike gave me the motivation that I needed.

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